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Cyber Monday, all 15 bead rollers together, 60% off!!

Welcome to Poly-Tools where providing innovative jewelry making equipment, primarily bead rollers for the polymer clay community is our focus.  Bead Rollers will have you making clay beads yourself for your custom jewelry and enjoying every minute of it!

Poly-Tools offer a number of bead rollers that will help you form consistent shapes and sizes of polymer clay beads repeatedly, and help you make truly awesome beads quickly.  Bead rollers will shape round beads, oval beads, bi-cone beads, tube beads, teardrop beads and more.

New polymer clay techniques for our tube bead rollers are still being discovered.  One of the sets has been altered to roll teardrop or cone bead shapes.The tube bead rollers have many uses as jewelry making equipment.  In addition to rolling tube beads, be sure to read product description to find more uses in making polymer clay beads.

Enhance your custom jewelry making creativity options!  All three sets in the Tube Bead and Teardrop Category will let you roll five different diameters of tubes and mark six different lengths of tubes, as well as rolling cone shaped beads.  

Polymer clay is the clay of choice here at Poly-Tools for making polymer clay beads, but our bead rollers and polymer clay cutters will certainly work well with other types of clay.  Paper clay, ceramic clay, and cork medium used by precious metal clay artists as a bead core will all mold well in our bead rollers.

Polymer Clay has been called the Chameleon Clay, by artist and author Victoria Hughes, because it can be made to look like nearly anything!  Amber, Ivory, Jade, Silver, Turquoise, to mention several.  Making polymer clay beads can open a whole new realm for those who love to make custom jewelry.  Coordinate your handmade jewelry with your clothing fashions!

Geometric shape cutters have a beveled edge, which gives them a creative advantage over straight cutters. The clay a shape is cut from has a beveled edge in it, see picture in product description. Jewelry picture frames can be made, and we've provided a tutorial. Jewelry elements made from frames with beads suspended in them are fun to make, see black and white project below.

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