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Primary Bead Rollers Primary Bead Rollers

The three bead roller sets in this category were the first generation of bead rollers that we had manufactured in polycarbonate. Our bicone bead roller set rolls five different sizes of bicone beads that are symmetrical. The diameter is very close to the length of these beads in each size.

A swirled pattern can be made by applying contrasting colors on the bead then traveling the bead in the same direction in the bead roller repeatedly. Fingerprints can be avoided by wearing latex gloves while handling the beads.

Our Clearly Round Bead making tool will roll a couple of oval bead shapes as well as the three sizes of round beads.  Polymer clay is typically used here at Poly-Tools, however other types of clay, such as paper clay and ceramic clay form nicely in our bead tools.

Make a strand of round beads that graduate from 13mm to 22mm, using both the Clearly Round Set and the Large Round Set.  Add the Pro Set 8 and Pro Set 2, to take the graduated sizes of round beads down even farther.  See the picture of beads with our Large Round Set for an example of a strand of graduated round beads.

These bead making rollers are different than the others we offer in that the beads made in them cannot be pierced while they are in the jewelry making tool.

Bead Piercing Pins (~50) (SKU: PI)Bead Piercing Pins (~50) (SKU: PI)
Bead Rack Clay Cutter Combo Tool (SKU: BRCO)Bead Rack Clay Cutter Combo Tool (SKU: BRCO)
Bi-Cone Bead Roller Set (SKU: BRBI)Bi-Cone Bead Roller Set (SKU: BRBI)
Clearly Round Bead Roller Set (SKU: BRCR)Clearly Round Bead Roller Set (SKU: BRCR)
Large Round Bead Roller Set (SKU: BRLR)Large Round Bead Roller Set (SKU: BRLR)
Measuring Guide (SKU: MG)Measuring Guide (SKU: MG)
Pro Bead Roller Set 2 (SKU: BRS2)Pro Bead Roller Set 2 (SKU: BRS2)

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